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New Zealous Music is an agency with many years of experience in the music industry and a deep passion for home grown NZ music. Tailoring our services we can meet your specific and individual needs - be it acting as an Manager, Booking Agent, Event or Tour Manager or in some instances a combination of all.

At the heart of our business is a true belief that our artists from Aotearoa need that real time on the ground support, to ensure all aspects of their music career is done so transparently, professionally and indeed sustainable.

New Zealous Music has done and will continue to work with some of the finest artists in the industry. And while New Zealand music will always be at the core of the business, New Zealous Music is open and excited to work with artists from further abroad.

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Our Artists

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With all the work we do, its nice to get feedback from those who have used oru services or been apart of the journey with us.

"LOVE the heart projected from this organisation. The motivations behind it all come from a righteous place and that's VERY rare in this industry, day and age! Always reliable, never letting anyone down & never compromising to put $$$ over respect or what's right - mad love for New Zealous Music!" - Phreaze/Urban Prophetz/UPR

"A vibrant women with a passion for 'music, people and whanaungatanga'. Kris rocks up to the bar with a million and one ideas and before we know it we have forecasted a calendar of events. One project was The Skys the Limit Showcase, this was born and implemented here at Woodys Bar. Kris has great relationship skills, and makes sure everyone feels involved and apart of the end result. Thanks for the opportunity to be at the beginning and showcase a huge line up of fabulous artists who breath life and sound always. Arohanui" - Anita, Owner Woodys Bar

"New Zealous Music is very professional and is always helping out with other businesses who are striving for the same thing in the music industry. Jah bless." - Amy Woods, Diamond Kutz Entertainment

"Thanks B for everything you have done for me and my endeavours. Too many memories but 1 thing i always remember when I work with you is that we always overcome any obstacle even when its taking a toll LOL.. and somehow we have a smile on our face at the end of any gig. To me thats success!! One Love Kris Bryant.. A good friend indeed ..New Zealous Music All Day" - James Woods, DJ Woody

"Id like to thank Kris Bryant of New Zealous Music for giving me the opportunity of working with a great team and a good line up of artists, I've had the pleasure to work with Kris on some good levels and since then met a good bunch of people. She has a very professional approach towards Music and the organisation of Gigs and I have had alot of fun working alongside her, may all the best come to Kris and her future endeavours." - Regan Tupe, DJ REGZ

"I am yet to experience the services of New Zealous Music however the information you have provided has been more than informative I strongly believe the business side of music is about database building information gathering and sharing those thoughts and information with a wider community all of which I believe new zealous possess which is why we look forward to being apart and working alongside such an awesome organization in the new year... Big loves from The KUMPNEE." - Josh Gage, The KUMPNEE

"Top notch work with a unique touch." - Issac Walters

Say Hello.

To enquire about booking one of our artists or if you have a question regarding the services we offer please send us an email [email protected] or call Kris +64 27 576 3277